About Boaz Foundation

Stichting Boaz (Boaz Foundation) is a Dutch trust that is supporting Christians and Christian projects all over the world. Stichting Boaz is fully aware of the fact that every earthly possession is a gift from God. This implies that we have to act as good stewards with the money that is entrusted to us. So all persons working for Stichting Boaz are volunteers and we try to get all the money we receive fully to the Christians who really need it.

How does Stichting Boaz get its support?

Several Christians support Stichting Boaz on a regular basis, for a project of their choice. When a gift is not specified, it will be directed by the volunteers of Stichting Boaz to the project(s) where the needs are the highest. Besides regular support, Stichting Boaz also tries to get support for specific projects or persons. For example Christians can support one specific person (like an orphan, a widow or a staff-member of a ministry) or a specific project (like a startup of a ministry, the building or a down payment on a building). In these cases Stichting Boaz has to match the supporters and the persons or projects by giving information about these persons/projects.

Basic rules for support to Christians, projects or ministries

Stichting Boaz is very careful in spending the money as it is in fact one of the seeds that can be sown on Gods acres. We cannot waist this seed on stony grounds or let it overgrow by weeds. It has to be spent on fruitful acres (2 Corinthians 9:6,7 and Luke 8:8).

When Stichting Boaz is considering to support a person, project or ministry that applies for support, the following questions should be answered positively:

  • Is the person, project or ministry anointed and fruitful? Is it bringing forth real fruit for the kingdom of God?
  • Is it ethical? Is it ethical in the way it appeals for money? Is it ethical in the way it handles money? Is it a good and faithful steward of the money in God’s kingdom?
  • Is it aligned with the Holy Scripture? Is what they are doing in obedience to scriptural principles? That’s very important, because God blesses what is in line with His Word.
  • Are the leaders prayerful, humble, depending on God, industrious and efficient?
  • The Bible makes it very clear that God hates sloppiness, waste and extravagance. That does not mean we have to be stingy, but it does mean we cannot afford to be extravagant, and Boaz does not intend to support extravagance in any ministry.

Regular reports

A Christian, a project of a ministry that will be supported by Stichting Boaz will have to report about the way it has spent the money and about its fruits;

Monthly report about income and spending (in case of small participation only regarding the money received from Stichting Boaz, otherwise a full report)

Monthly report about the status of the work/projects (i.e. a newsletter), preferably accomplished with some photos. This report or newsletter is also passed on to the individual supporters of Stichting Boaz.

Quarterly extended report about finances, number of supported people, specific needs and so on. Annual report on finances and actions, accomplished with a letter of an external accountant.

Next to this information Stichting Boaz keeps in touch with others that visit the persons or projects or ministries. Boaz tries to stimulate these “spokespersons” to keep regularly in touch with their brothers and sisters and (if possible) to visit them.

How does Stichting Boaz handle an application for support?

First the person or the ministry has to declare that it fully subscribes the basic rules for support as mentioned above. Also at least one other Christian, personally known by Boaz has to declare that this person or ministry actually will follow these rules.

After that, Stichting Boaz gathers information about the person, project or ministry. This information should come from the person/ministry itself and from one or more other Christians.

When Stichting Boaz has gathered enough information, there will be extensive prayer about the person or project. Only when God makes it clear to go on, Stichting Boaz prepares to send support.

After that, information is gathered about bank accounts and so on and a written statement is asked from the Christian or ministry that will be supported. If this is collected the support or gathering of support can get started.

From the moment on that the support is given, the person or ministry also has to give full report, as mentioned above (a guideline for giving report is available).

When information about the support is indicating that the supported person or project isn’t obeying one of the basic rules, Stichting Boaz will stop the support, at least until it’s clear what is wrong.

Healthcare for ministry workers

Al Indian people that we support, we strongly advise to enter the The Missionary Upholders Trust (MUT). The MUT is supporting missionary workers is case of costly heathproblems and their family even in case of the death of a ministry worker. The monthly fee is only about 20 rupees. More information can be found on www.mutindia.org

Prayer points

Please pray for the wisdom of the people of Stichting Boaz, to divide the collected money among the persons, projects and ministries that really need the money. Pray for Boaz, to get the right and honest information and at the right time and pray for them that abuse of the support directly will be noted. Pray for the Christians and ministries that are supported by Boaz. Pray for them that they won’t disobey the basics rules. Pray for the supporters that they will supply Stichting Boaz with the money that is needed and that they only will give to glorify Gods name all over the world.

Praise the Lord!

Boaz Commitee